Project Report

Want to know more about the project’s context, methodologies, processes, or outcomes? Interested in perhaps coordinating a Cultural Mapping project of your own? Fascinated by the grassroots nature of Community Mapping or Digital Storytelling as an arts-informed method of research?

The project’s report begins with a contextualization of Kings County then delves into some of the theory, project models, and discussion that underpinned the Kings County Cultural Mapping project. It includes an explanation of the research methodologies used and an outline of the cultural mapping procedures, followed by a personal reflection of the process, methods, and limitations within the research. The report also offers future recommendations for the cultural map, and cultural mapping facilitators.

View the report here! –> place-based understandings of culture

Digital Storytelling Manual

Currently the Kings County Cultural Mapping project has 16 digital stories completed or underway. Once the map is launched, we hope that more stories will be produced. Below is a copy of the digital storytelling manual created specifically for this project so that others may develop stories on their own. The concept of digital storytelling may seem intimidating at first – but it doesn’t take long to become comfortable with the media form and technology. And if you’re open to the process, it can be a very empowering experience to claim your story and offer it to the world to see and hear!

               Click on the link to view the manual! –> Digital Storytelling Manual

Digital Story Exhibit at York University

Some visuals from the Kings County Cultural Mapping project are being exhibited at the Zig Zag Gallery at York University throughout the month of September. Images from 16 of the project’s digital stories have been hung in the gallery, accompanied by a short synopsis of each story. Here are a couple images of the exhibit:

Photos of 16 digital stories from the Kings County Cultural Mapping project.

A closer look.

The digital stories will be accessed through links on the map. In the meantime, we will be revealing some of the completed digital stories on this blog over the next month! Stay tuned!

June 14th Public Meeting

It was a busy time for the Cultural Mapping project last week! A full schedule of public appearances, recording digital stories, and meeting with volunteers culminated in a one-hour public meeting on Thursday, June 14th where the project was explained and the web-based map was demonstrated to an audience of over 30 cultural stakeholders. The energy in the room was palpable! The attendees particularly responded to the digital stories, which is why I have chosen to give you a sneak peek in the next blog post!

Near the end of the meeting, attendees were asked to make recommendations for the map, and suggestions for the broader cultural sector. Notes from this activity can be accessed here: Meeting notes

Cartographer Ed Symons next to our lovely board of recommendations

Kings County Cultural Mapping project at the Farmers Markets

I had a great time chatting with folks at the Wolfville, Kentville, and Berwick Farmers Markets last week! I was also fortunate to have some great company at my booth – Graeme is a planning Intern for the Municipality of Kings, and was promoting the Kings 2050 strategy.

To contribute your thoughts for the future of Kings County, visit the Kings 2050 ‘Join the Conversation’ page and fill out a visioning survey! I bet you can guess which of those scanned visions is mine… (hint: I’m very visual!)

Graeme and Genevieve at the Wolfville Farmers Market