Cultural Map website

In all the excitement of launching the cultural map, I completely forgot to link to the map’s website on this blog! So here it is folks, the Kings County Cultural Map!

Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 4.57.08 PM


Cultural Map Launch

Thanks to everyone who came out to the launch on February 6th… and to everyone who was hoping to come, but circumstances kept them from joining us. It was a great turn out, and the project received lots of community support!

I started the evening by saying that I hope the community does not see the launch of the map as an ending, but rather as a starting point. There are so many ways the map can be used to help bolster our cultural engagement, enhance our cultural infrastructure, and contribute to our cultural landscape.

I’ll be working with the Alliance of Kings Artists to continue this dialogue. I hope those of you who have shown interest in the map will engage in discussions about community cultural development too!